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Sunday Mud-day

Sunday’s are a day for me to prepare for the week ahead. A typical sunday includes doing copious amounts of laundry, hanging with the pup, some grocery shopping, dinner with the fam, and being as lazy as I possibly can. For some reason, sunday’s have ended up being the day that I do a mud mask. I LOVE MUD MASKS!! Why you ask? Well it makes me feel better about myself (I have a crazy obsession with skincare), and it seriously leaves your face feeling so amazing!!

Sunday Mud-day

In November my parents went to New Zealand (cue jealousy now!), and the best part was they came back just in time for Christmas with some awesome New Zealand goodies! One of them being this mud mask by Wild Ferris. I will now be searching the internet endlessly until I find out where I can get some of this shipped to Canada! Let’s just say my face is so soft it’s taking all my willpower not to touch it constantly.

Rotorua Mud

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