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I was lucky enough to score some Pre-Shop tickets for Third + Bird this weekend (thanks Lewis & Clark Collar Co.!!) and it was even better than I had hoped! Having never previously attended the insanely popular local makers market, I had decided that this time I had to check it out! While I was a little too late on purchasing Pre-Shop tickets as they were sold out, I decided I would go to the regular market on Saturday but then my luck changed when I entered an Instagram contest from Lewis & Clark Collar Co. and actually won! Side note: her collars are amazing and obviously Penny has one already and will be getting another one very soon… I might have a problem… but anyways I figured I would do a recap and obviously this is a great way to show off all the fabulous products I got from equally, if not more fabulous local makers! Needless to say, I had the best first time at Third + Bird, spent a little too much money and definitely could have kept spending, and I will forever and always make sure I’m not late to the party and purchase pre-shop tickets the second they go on sale!Everyone who attended the Pre-Shop got these awesome little favours, cookies from Scientific Sweets, chocolate covered caramels from Utoffeea, and marshmallows with chocolate drizzle from Decadence Chocolates.

Huron Woodwork

Before I even arrived at Third + Bird I knew this was a must purchase. I am in absolute awe of this piece from Huron Woodwork with script by Kal Barteski (who I’ve been eyeing up many of her pieces over the last few months)!

If you sampled this Salted Caramel Whiskey dessert sauce from Gourmet Inspirations you would seriously go into a deliciously blissful state.. and that’s exactly what happened to me! Can’t wait to try this sauce on anything and everything!

I was so excited to check out Vreem before heading down to Third + Bird and they did not disappoint! Because I’m sooooo indecisive, I couldn’t decide on a succulent planter while I was there, but I did pick up this awesome piece to hold some of my jewellery in until I finally decide on which succulent planter I want! I also picked up these two awesome prints to hang in our bedroom (Yes, almost a year of living in this house I’m finally decorating the walls…. it’s a work in progress.. HA) from Fresh Paper Design.. there we’re so, so many I wanted to buy so I will definitely be getting more 🙂

Nick picked up these sweet prints for his man cave from Kevin Fawley and these we’re such a tough decision. All his prints are amazing and not like anything I’d ever seen before!

Beards & Brawn Beard Oil Company roped us in by asking if they could trim Nick’s beard.. well it worked 😉 I think Nick is officially hooked on these products that not only sound cool, but also smell fantastic.. and manly!

We also stopped at the cafe both before and after we shopped.. Baba D’s Perogies gave us the fuel we needed to shop for 2 hours, if you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend it! There’s nothing better than homemade perogies!! If you haven’t tried PopCart.. then head to wherever they are next! I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of popsicles in general but holy crap they make the most amazingly delicious popsicles.

We also purchased a chicken pot pie from Shut Ur Pie Hole and cinnamon buns from Old Church Bakery both of which we’re drool worthy and there was nothing left for me to take pictures of because well… food does not last in this house.. mostly because I eat it all!

Did you have a chance to check out Third + Bird this weekend? If so, what vendors were your favourite? I seriously could have bought something from every single one of them and I can’t wait for the Winter market!!