Rachel Lindsay

The Bachelorette Recap

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Hey guys! The Bachelorette is a major guilty pleasure of mine… it’s SO entertaining!! Anyways, if you know anything about the show you know that last night was the premiere of Rachel Lindsay’s season, which means a lot of interesting people were introduced.. Here is my recap!

In true Bachelor fashion there were some strange guys introduced, as well as some drama obviously (what else keeps the show alive?!) but the one thing I noticed the most was what they’ve done differently with the occupations. I mean common, a tickle monster?! That was just down right weird.. and Whabamm guy.. there are just no words. As per usual, someone showed up in costume.. a Penguin costume at that!

It’s hard to say how this season is going to go but I’d say my favourites right now are Diggy, Josiah, and Iggy. Although, Jack Stone gets bonus points for his kick ass name!

Who are your favourites so far? Stay tuned for my recap every week!