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Beautiful British Columbia Really Is Beautiful

If you know me, than you know I lived in BC until I was 12 before moving to White Rock BeachWinnipeg.. I know, I know.. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU LEAVE BC?!

haha when you’re 12 years old you kinda just do as your told.. plus my family here is pretty freakin’ awesome!
Anyways, every year my sisters and I (plus the bf) make a trip out to BC and this year was the same! Typically we have a world of things we want to do when we go there, because why not?! But this year we kept it chill, hung out at the beach (the weather was AMAZING!!) and just spent time with family, eating all the seafood

White Rock BeachI had hoped we would be able to do the Grouse Grind this visit, but
unfortunately due to all the snow they received this year (haha us Winnipeggers laugh at that but for BC they really did get a TON of snow!) the trail wasn’t safe 🙁
Anyways, if you’re ever in the White Rock area, definitely head down to the beach and hit up Montgomery’s Cottage Lunch for fish & chips.. it’s probably the best in the world in my opinion! Also, Boathouse rooftop patio is a pretty great place to enjoy the sunshine while looking over the water. Earnest Ice Cream is also a definite must if you’re in BC but we didn’t have a chance to hit it up this time!

What’s your favourite place to visit?!