Blog Life

& so the Adventure Begins..

It’s the time of Starbucks PSL’s, warm knit sweaters and no longer worrying if your summer bod is exactly where you want it to be… today is THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!!

As I sit here drinking my coffee, with a little Pumpkin Spiced Baileys (HELLO… how is this my first time trying it?! Can we say AH-MAZE-BALLS!!!) anyways, it’s got me thinking.. where the heck has the time gone??? I swear it was just January and then summer just flew by and… I feel like I’m in a time warp! Anyone else feeling like this?!

I have been severely neglecting this blog all summer long.. WHOOPS! I promise I didn’t mean to but like I said.. TIME WARP! I have made my October goals and this blog is 100% a priority, although if you follow me on Instagram @completelycarla you’ll see I haven’t been totally gone all summer, just busy. If you told me when I started this blog, how much time I’d like to dedicate to it versus how much time I actually have to dedicate it, I wouldn’t believe you, however sitting here how many months later, I totally get it! BUT I’m not going to let that stop me 🙂

Fall has always been a season of change for me. Much like the weather, the trees and everything else, fall comes with big changes. While I have ALWAYS been a complete lover of summer and all the fun activities and adventures that come with it, I always seem to make big life decisions in the fall… did school teach me that with a “new year” starting in September?! I’ll guess I’ll never know the exact reasoning but anyways. I started a new daytime job and not even because I was looking! I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty awesome when someone offers you a job you didn’t even apply for (is this real adult life?! haha) but nonetheless, it completely threw a curveball in my world and I started questioning everything. At the end of the day I absolutely LOVED what I was doing and the company I was working for, however I’m a firm believer of “you’ll never know if you don’t try” and that is the reason I took this new job. It is possible that I’ll hate it? You bet! Might I wish I never left a job or company I loved? Totally possible! But I didn’t want to one day wake up and wonder what if I took that job? So here’s to new adventures and opportunities, fingers crossed I don’t hate myself for this decision, but at the end of the day it’s all about the experience, right?!

Anyone else making any big life changes this fall?