How to Survive the Winter Cold..

Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s been months since I last posted on here! Quick little update on my life.. I started a new job and got engaged! Can you say BUSY?! Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all my wedding plans along the way because how fun is it planning a huge party?! I mean.. it would be more fun if you’ve never heard the word budget before but ya know.. life haha

Anyways, if you live in Canada, particularly Manitoba chances are pretty good that at some point you will get the awful winter cold that everyone seems to have. Me, I have it right now.. thanks to a special someone I know..

These are my must do’s when you feel that cold setting in:

  1. Oregano Oil – seriously this stuff is worse than Buckleys but I swear it works. Now you can take the easy road and buy the pills but I don’t find they work as well. If you want the full effects, suck it up and get that oil right under your tongue. You can find Oregano Oil at Vita Health in Winnipeg or any Shoppers Drug Mart
  2. Cold 911 tea – everyone knows that when you’re sick you drink tea, however Cold 911 tea from David’s Tea is a must! Not only will it soothe your throat, it makes everything feel better. Bonus, this tea also tastes great!
  3. Netti Pot – okay, even speaking of the netti pot grosses me out and hurts my sinuses but it is a must! I first tried this method after literally trying everything else and having a lingering cough for two months last Winter.. I really tried to avoid doing this against the advice of my mom. Mental note, always listen to mom from the start.. she has been there and done that way more times than you have! Anyways, this is the only thing that cured my cough so it’s now become a sickness staple.
  4. Immune Essential Oil Blend – I love Saje and it’s blends!! The Allergy Relief one works wonders too but seriously, throw a few drops of the immune blend into your diffuser and forget about it!
  5. Water, water and more water – it’s so important to stay hydrated, even when you don’t feel like drinking anything, drink more water!
  6. Soup – soup soothes the soul, and like every old wives tale, chicken soup will cure you!
  7. Get your nutrients – personally, I love green smoothies so that’s what I have but do what you can to try and nourish your body.. it’s fighting something awful and can use all the help it can get!
  8. Rest – What’s that saying? Rest is for the weak or something like that?! It’s also for the sick.. I hate resting, I get bored soooo easily but sometimes you just need it!

What do you do when you find yourself coming down with a cold?